Visual researcher who loves to explore new worlds.

Humans are so involved with themselves and other humans, that their whole life revolves around mankind. To learn about other organisms, and whole ecosystems, that are so much more ingenious and already provide many solutions to our problems is incredibly fascinating. Even if humans cease to exist on this planet, the earth itself will find a way to go on.

Karenina van den Crommenacker, Bio Artist and visual researcher, is intrigued by all that the non human world has to offer. She translates scientific processes and research into well-designed and appealing multimedia works. From honouring algae in a video installation to extracting test subject’s facial microbiomes that are presented in a bio art installation about bio privacy.

When starting a project, Karenina researches her subjects in as many ways as possible; from reading books and articles to talking to scientists and working with organic materials. Fragments of film start to form in her head while doing her research, and these visual translations are the start of her creative process.