Visual researcher who loves to explore new worlds.

Little Phenomena

A life of a modern human revolves around one’s own existence. We humans have created boundaries to separate ourselves from nature, living within walls and cities. We perceive each other and the world around us through screens, the content of which is directed by us. It is hard for us to see beyond our human-centred life.

Do we still sea the things that we come across in our daily lives? Do you notice all the shapes and patterns growing along the sidewalk as you make your way home after a long, tiresome day at work? Have you ever really looked at the texture and the shape of the sugar grains that you use in your coffee every morning? The wings of the dead fly in your windowsill? To be able to see and appreciate all the beauty the non-human world has to offer, you will have to start small.

Little Phenomena will challenge the way you experience the world around you by exploring the wonders of everyday life using a microscope. Using animated microscopical footage Little Phenomena creates a hyperfocus that provides you an escape from this human-centered mindset which allows you to just be, marvel and absorb.

Collabaration with Kim Leunen &
Niels Vermeulen